By James Q. Griffin ’55

At last spring’s Board meeting, we discussed the tendency of human institutions to revert to peer group norms. Those below average struggle to improve and those above the salt, either through deference or hubris, tend to drift to the center. A major responsibility of Ivy’s Board is not to let the latter scenario happen at 43 Prospect Avenue. The best antidote is to constantly get better: better food and service, improved building, sound financial health and maintaining an open and civil society filled with goodwill. The result is we continue to attract our fair share of the best the university has to offer. As the famous pitcher Satachel Paige once said “Don’t look back, someone maybe catching up with you.”

Our new wing is a gem in the Princeton commonwealth’s crown. The new Ivy leadership series, developed in conjunction with Stanford’s business school, is a first for the Club system, and is in keeping with our goal of developing the whole person outside the classroom. We aim to constantly improve upon the existing excellence.