Undergraduate President’s Report – Miles Wilson

Dear Graduate Members, Family, and Friends of Ivy, 

I hope you all are doing well. I am pleased to be writing to you with an update on the Ivy undergraduate experience this spring. Despite the constraints surrounding social gatherings and in-person events this semester, the current officer corps has been working hard to preserve the strong sense of community and friendship that Ivy is known for. From virtual competitions to in-person one-on-one coffee chats, we are trying to make sure that members, new and old, feel Ivy’s presence in their everyday life. In times like these, we realize that Ivy’s true beauty lies not only in the bricks of 43 Prospect Avenue but also in its strong and vibrant community. Although we are not sharing meals, having face-to-face conversations, nor enjoying each other’s company within Ivy’s clubhouse, we have been encouraging students to find ways to engage with fellow members while simultaneously following University health guidelines. The current officer corps is a group of exceptionally talented individuals (Vice President Katie Dykstra, Treasurer Andrew Hama, Social Chair Henry Barrett, Bicker Chair Brooke Baxter, House Manager Ogechi Adele) and I am extremely excited to be working with them. They have done a phenomenal job working together, proactively planning for next fall. I have high hopes for what we will be able to achieve when the Club opens next semester. As the school year comes to a close, we look forward to welcoming new members into our special Ivy community, as well as properly sending off our beloved seniors. I am extremely honored to be your president and look forward to serving the club and its membership; I cannot wait until we can come back together with renewed enthusiasm and vigor as we take on the final months of this school year.

Miles Wilson