By Dominic Moross ’90

The horrific ongoing situation in Ukraine highlights how lucky we are to be part of a club where civility and common decency among our members, who come from every corner of the globe, is a given. We must never take this for granted. Our hearts and prayers go out to the victims of this terrible conflict. 

Ivy has been abuzz with activity and vitality since we returned to normal life under the direction of our new Steward, Phil Vicino. Betty continues in the background, helping as necessary, until the end of the academic year. We are planning a farewell gathering for her during Reunions on Friday, May 20th which I hope you will be able to attend. 

The spring term started with a very successful bicker. A record 292 bickerees were interviewed and 74 bids were offered (2 juniors and 72 sophomores). We have a dynamic group of new members who participate in a range of activities: varsity athletes, dancers, artists, singers, student government. Interest in our club is as strong as ever. Ivy remains the top choice for those who want to be in a selective club. 

We re-launched our round table speaker events, featuring Princeton Sociology Professor Patricia Fernandez-Kelly who, moderated by JC Martinez ’23 and Camille Boylin ‘22, led a discussion about the impact of Covid on international economic development, gender, class, ethnicity, and urban ethnography. It was a well-attended hybrid (in-person and virtual) event. With our new video conferencing capabilities, we are excited that our speaker events will now be accessible to members far beyond the hallowed walls of 43 Prospect. 

Along the same lines, we are looking forward to starting a series of events for our younger alumni members to enable them to reconnect, network and reminisce. We plan to kick off in New York City but hope to roll out similar gatherings in other cities. 

If you would like to help organize an event in your home city, please be in touch with Alanna (alanna. [email protected]). 

As we approach the end of another academic year, I want to thank our outgoing officers, who have done a tremendous job, and to welcome our new officers, led by President Sophie Singletary ’23. 

Special note: Ivy has a tradition of attracting outstanding students who exceed expectations in so many ways. I am proud to report on the exceptional achievements of both Christian Potter ‘22 and Katie Dykstra ’22. Former USG President, Christian is co-winner of the Princeton’s 2022 Moses Taylor Pyne Honor Prize. Established in 1921, the Pyne Prize is awarded to the senior “who has most clearly manifested excellent scholarship, strength of character and effective leadership.” It is the highest distinction conferred by the University upon an undergraduate student. Katie, our Undergraduate Governor, was named one of 3 Schwartzman Scholars. The Schwarzman Scholarship covers the cost of graduate study toward a one-year master’s program at Tsinghua University in Beijing. Our heartfelt congratulations to both Christian and Katie. 

On that happy note, I will sign off and wish you all a wonderful summer and hope to see as many of you as possible at Reunions. 

Best Wishes,