Undergraduate President’s Report – Miles Wilson

To all of Ivy’s Graduate Members, Parents, and Friends, 

I hope you are doing well and staying safe as we continue to fight against and emerge from this global pandemic. I am writing to you with an update on the undergraduate experience at the Ivy Club this fall. I am happy to let you all know that after a year and a half of being unoccupied, the Ivy Clubhouse is once again back to hosting its vibrant community of undergraduates. Whether it’s by playing a game of pool or having a conversation in the Great Hall, members are taking full advantage of every opportunity they can get to reacquaint themselves with the Clubhouse and their fellow members. I can say with confidence that the Ivy Club is truly beginning to feel like a home to its undergraduate members, and as we get to know our peers at tap nights and over meals, the membership is beginning to feel more and more like a family. Having only returned to the Club a few months ago, I would like to give a special thank you to the amazing staff that has been helping support and educate members on the many historical practices and traditions that Ivy has. I am extremely grateful to be working with Katie, Henry, Andrew, Brooke, and Ogechi as a team of undergraduate officers dedicated to protecting Ivy traditions and cultivating the Ivy undergraduate community during this academic year, and I am proud to say that we have seen extremely positive results from our efforts. As always, we are so grateful for the work that Betty has done for the Club, and as her days working for Ivy come to a close, we are extremely impressed by the work that her successor Phil Vicino has been doing in preparation for her departure. As we occupy the many different spaces 43 Prospect has to offer, we continue to be reminded that the Ivy Club truly is, and always will be, the best club on the Street. 

Miles Wilson