By James Q. Griffin ’55

Our mission to sustain a membership commitment toward our association’s wellbeing has been successfully realized this past year. 

Foremost is the creation of two stained glass windows: one honoring the life of Robert Bennett, President of the ’82 section, and the other to celebrate the admission of women in 1991. Further, a new Steinway grand piano has been presented by the friends of Michael McCoy ’89 as a memorial. 

The Scribner family has given the desk used by Charles Scribner ’13 to the new library in addition to many Scribner published books. Two Morgan Stanley partners desks have also been presented by the family of William Sword ’76 in honor of his life as well as some of his book collection. 

The undergraduates, on their own volition and supported by the Ivy 1879 Foundation, sent a crew to the Royal Henley Regatta last July flying Ivy’s racing colors. The students continue to manage the leadership series, now in its third year, as well as the weekly roundtable sessions.

The approbation of multiple generations is self-evident. All is well at 43 Prospect Street.