By Jim Q. Griffin’55

Sound management is generally defined in financial terms. Organizations strive for equilibrium; when operating budgets are balanced, the real purchasing of the endowment is maintained, the staff is fairly compensated and the physical plant is in good condition. 

Not described in financial reports, is the creation and maintenance of a cultural equilibrium as defined by an open, civil, safe and optimistic environment.  In Ivy’s case that condition is vital to our mission of providing an environment which induces out-ofclassroom personal growth. 

When there is an absence of systemic operational and social breakdowns our association has reached a golden mean. Indicators of exceptional leadership are careful, evenhanded attention to each member, open communication with the undergraduate body about policies and student responsibility as well as the delivery of superior services. 

Our enterprise is blessed with the skills and judgment of our steward Betty Rascher. 

Now our task is to avoid the pitfalls of complacency and hubris and constantly improve.