By James Q. Griffin ’55

In 2001, your Governors met in the New York law offices of John MacMurray to debate the pluses and minuses of expanding our Ivy building. The existing facility was no longer adequate to accommodate the larger class sections which had resulted from the admission of women in 1991. Every Governor at the table recognized that our 19th-century landmark building was too cramped and was badly in need of repair.

The debate focused on two points. Could we find an architect who could duplicate the residential nature and beautiful ambiance of our original gem? Would we be able to raise the necessary substantial construction funds required to make dramatic improvements?

With hope and prayer, we voted to go forward.

Now, 10 years later, our dream is a reality. In March of this year, the Board again met in 2 MacMurray’s law offices to assess the results of our efforts. Those members who have seen the finished project have expressed universal acclaim
for our renowned architect Demetri Porphyrios’ work. Not only has the addition equaled the standards of the historic building, but it has made the original space more useful and distinctive.

To the hundreds of members whose gifts have financed the new wing and the renovation of the main building, on behalf of all the current and future membership we extend a loud locomotion. You have helped create an outstanding legacy to encourage the growth and development of our fellow members.

The Board recently made the unanimously decision to express our gratitude to Demetri Porphyrios by extending to him membership as an Ivy Fellow, which he graciously accepted.