By James Q. Griffin ’55

Ivy regenerates itself every February with the arrival of our new section. During the last century, the admission process has continued to evolve refl ecting contemporary social attitudes on the campus, but our fundamental focus on our individual’s integrity, accomplishments, goodwill and respect for others has remained constant. This year the connecting fi ber from past members continues to infect the newest ones and leavens Ivy’s bread. The current undergraduate compliment perpetuates the values of prior generations which underpin our open civil society.

The selective eating club admissions process provides a bickeree with only one choice. Should an applicant be unsuccessful, the one alternative is to apply to a non-selective Club or drop out of the system. The graduate Interclub Committee is exploring the feasibility of reintroducing some form of multi-club bicker. In Ivy’s case, we want to be sure that any new process does not change focus on the individual or force an individual into a system against their free will.

Ivy continues to be well managed by our outstanding steward, Betty Rascher. We remain in fi nancial equilibrium, the operating budget is in the black, the building properly maintained, the exceptional staff is fairly paid and the fund drive to repay a very small bank bridge loan is bearing fruit.

Molly Jones has joined the management team to coordinate the Board affairs, supervise communications and is helping with the leadership initiative in addition to supporting other undergraduate activities.