By James Q. Griffin ’55

Ivy’s mission provides the guidance for our policies, activities and traditions. The goal is to create an open, civil, optimistic, harmonious society which encourages individuals to experience outof-the-classroom growth spurts. Close interaction between members who possess a wide range of interests, abilities and opinions helps magnify the influences of all. The tradition of taking the first open seat in the dining room is an example of theory in practice. Over time all members get to know each other and many life-time friendships are formed.

Our strength and distinction comes from the quality of our membership. We draw talent from all parts of the campus, reaching out to those of rare ability, those who do not fit easily on a bell curve. Our admission process requires 10 individual interviews, which ensure that those admitted can relate to, and add to, a broad spectrum of the existing membership. Ivy’s Leadership and Roundtable programs, run by undergraduates, introduces able, experienced guests who all add yeast to the mix, as does interaction with graduate members. 

The beautiful landmark building sets a high standard for architectural excellence through its distinctive iconography, craftsmanship and interior detail. The understated quiet elegance and idiosyncratic spaces are residential in nature and not institutional. It provides a home away from home for its undergraduates and the Princeton home for its graduates. An added source of wellbeing comes from the high-quality of food, service and maintenance orchestrated by our priceless steward, Betty Rascher.