Undergraduate President’s Report – Jason Ramirez

Dear Graduate Members,

Hello from the Ivy Club. I’m excited to share with you some updates about the Club. Earlier this fall, we welcomed eight terrific new members from fall bicker. These members come from a variety of backgrounds and have added to the Ivy community. As many of you know, Ivy’s undergraduate officers and graduate Board have been working with the Interclub Committee (ICC) and Graduate Interclub Committee (GICC) about admissions reform. The goal was to provide a more transparent and equitable street-wide process. The final formulation of the admissions reform consisted of three components: (1) to provide organized opportunities for sophomores to get to know the clubs before bicker so that they can make informed decisions, (2) to synchronize the timeline of all the clubs regarding admission and notification, and (3) a dual-club bicker option. 

The undergraduate officers and graduate board spent hours reviewing the proposal and determining the best response. At this juncture, Ivy is enthusiastically supporting the new admissions reform by participating in the first two components of the proposal. Last spring, Ivy was the first bicker club to host an open house for undergraduates to learn more about the many facets of the Club. The event was a success and we received a lot of positive feedback from both our own members involved in the event and the undergraduates who participated. The Club is holding similar events this fall. The goal is to provide students from all over campus exposure to Ivy so that the Club can continue to attract a diverse group of students. In addition, Ivy will sync up its admission schedule with the ICC.

Ivy is currently abstaining from the dual-club bicker component of the proposal. While the Club agrees with the theoretical tenets of a multi-choice bicker system, it is focused on protecting the integrity of its trusted 10-interview bicker process. Ivy is continuing to evaluate the dual-club bicker system and to consider ways to accommodate parts of the new system if appropriate. 

Ivy continues to be a place where its members learn and grow. The Club has hosted a number of successful Roundtable and Leadership Series sessions this fall, including a Roundtable with Brody Neuenschwander (Ivy ’81) and Professor Nannerl Keohane. 

On behalf of all the undergraduate members of the Club, I would like to thank you for your continued support and generosity. The clubhouse is in great shape and is enjoyed by all of us every day. As always, if you find yourself in the Princeton area, please stop by and say hello.