Undergraduate President’s Report – Nick Martin

Greetings from the Ivy Club. As midterm exams approach and the warm weather fades, it is safe to say that the Club and its membership have fallen back into the routine of the school year. The junior class has adapted to dining at Ivy, and the seniors have adjusted to life in the Club without those who graduated last year. It has been great to see these two current classes grow closer to one another as the year has gone on, be it through mealtime discussions, Ping-Pong matches, or evening revelry. 

This past September Ivy had the pleasure of admitting five new junior members. The fall bicker process is a great way to bring the Club together at the beginning of the year; indeed, enthusiasm surrounding the newly admitted members boosted morale. 

Both the Leadership Program and Roundtable series have gotten underway this year, with the former hosting Fanglu Wang, of CITIC Capital, and with the latter hosting our very own Betty Rascher. These events continue to contribute to the well roundedness of Ivy’s member experience, providing educational enrichment beyond what other clubs can offer. 

In the dining hall, our Food Chair has introduced a dynamic new feedback system, through which members can opine on specific dishes. This initiative has increased communication between the kitchen and members. As a result, our chefs now have a better idea of what the club enjoys, and general satisfaction with meals has increased. 

As always, I encourage you to stop by Ivy whenever possible. Whether you are in a larger group or on your own, we are always eager to meet and chat with members from years past.