Undergraduate President’s Report Folasade Runcie

Dear Graduate Members,

My name is Folasade Runcie, and this past February I was elected as the new Undergraduate President. Ivy has been such a source of joy and love in my life this past year and a half. I have enjoyed serving as the president thus far and look forward to finishing up my term on a strong note. I am a member of the Class of 2018 and am majoring in Philosophy. I was born and raised in Chicago, IL and relocated to sunny Fort Lauderdale, FL shortly after high school. Outside of Ivy, I am a member of the Disiac Dance Company, for which I formerly served as the Vice President and gear chair, I play the violin, and I previously served as a Residential College Advisor in Forbes College. 

It has been a pleasure to serve with this officer corps. We are involved in a range of campus activities from rowing, to dancing, to student activism. So far, we have gotten along very well and work cohesively as a unit. Being an officer corps of only five people was an adjustment at first, but we have made it over the initial hump. The Vice President, Tobi Aboaba, has been wonderful, always providing help and support in any way he can. The Treasurer, Benjamin Lawton, has proven to be very responsible and has put his mathematics major skills to good use. Our Social Chair, Camila Novo-Viaño, has been a hit around the club, planning fun and well-attended social events. Finally, our House Manager and Bicker Chair, Jack Jundanian, has been of great help making sure the house is in order and the house rules are upheld by the membership. 

Ivy continues to be a place filled with vibrant conversation, laughter, and friendship. Coming into Ivy, I did not know many members, but Ivy’s character of fostering relationships has allowed me to meet and form life-long friendships with many new people. On a normal day, you can find members scattered throughout the club studying, eating, engaging in intellectually stimulating discussions, and playing games. Ivy continues to host many successful Roundtable and Leadership discussions with distinguished faculty and Ivy graduate members. 

This past February, Ivy admitted a new class of members. This class has been the most diverse thus far, both culturally and in terms of campus group involvement. The newest members are very active within the Club, taking advantage of all that Ivy offers and embracing it as their home away from home. 

The Ivy Club remains a special place, uniting Princetonians from different walks of life and across generations. The value of being an Ivy member has certainly not diminished since the Club’s founding in 1879; if anything, it has only grown. 

We always look forward to seeing more of you at the Club, as undergraduate members love meeting graduate members and hearing your memories of Ivy. We hope to see you here soon! 

Folasade Runcie