Undergraduate President’s Report – Mimi Asom

Dear Graduate Members, Parents & Friends of Ivy,

It is so nice to write to you all again! It has been a busy fall at Ivy, and the clubhouse has been filled with unbridled laughter as we have enjoyed roaring fires, karaoke nights, and many other wonderful events and activities. All in all, it has been a lovely autumn. 

This year, we added seven juniors in fall bicker. They are an interesting and diverse group with extraordinary life experiences that enrich every conversation they are a part of, and have seamlessly integrated themselves into Club life. Fall bicker continues to be an excellent way for the Club to come together early in the year and make some great additions to our membership. 

Our annual fall events have been so much fun. Though we were not victorious in TI/Ivy Olympics this year, we had our best showing in years. We crushed TI in keg toss, most of this due to an excellent throw by Ellen Scott-Young, our resident Track & Field star. In women’s tug-of-war we pulled so hard that the rope snapped in half! There was no winner in that event, but it is a pretty cool story. 

Our clubhouse remains full of friendly faces, and is constantly alive with members playing pingpong or pool, listening to music, and countless Message from Ivy’s Undergraduate President other activities. There is a noticeably strong sense of camaraderie and fun throughout the club every day. We had an overwhelmingly successful Parents Weekend in October that was enjoyed by everyone. 

This fall, we have been lucky to have a large graduate member presence in the club. Thanks to our football team’s fantastic season, we have seen many alumni and their families in the clubhouse before and after games. We enjoy seeing familiar faces and enjoy spending time with everyone. We would love to see even more of y’all! 

As I begin the final leg of my Princeton journey, I can’t help but reminisce about all the people and institutions that have been formative in my career and made these four years so wonderful. Ivy has been integral to this positive experience and, as members who have shaped this club into what it is today, so are all of you. Thank you for leaving us with such a wonderful club, and please know that it is in great hands. 

Mimi Asom ’19