Undergraduate President’s Report – David Babikian

Dear Graduate Members, Parents, and Friends of Ivy,

I hope you are all well! It is my pleasure to write to you with an update on the undergraduate experience at the Ivy Club. This fall at the club has been extremely pleasant, with a variety of events thus far and a great schedule for the rest of the semester. 

We started off this semester strong. Nine new juniors were admitted in fall bicker, all of whom have made great additions to the Cub. Along with the other juniors who joined during spring bicker, the Ivy section of 2021 has made themselves quite at home, enjoying meals and the company of us very wise, very mature seniors. 

As this is my last year of Princeton, I am blessed to spend it with my dear friends in this club. Tasha, Couty, Shehab and Nate are pleasures to work with and wonderful housemates. We have organized a few great social events so far this fall, and are looking forward to our upcoming events that continue in Ivy tradition. I am proud of the progress Ivy has made in upholding its standard of excellence and, as an unbiased third party, I can verify that it continues to be the best club on the street. 

The clubhouse is in great condition. From studying in the library to playing pool or ping pong downstairs, use of the Club continues to bring members together. The food has been impeccable, and we are grateful to the kitchen staff for their work to provide Ivy’s meals. Of course, this all would be impossible without Betty, now celebrating her 20th year as the club’s steward. Betty, thank you for your service to Ivy. 

To our graduate members, we hope to see you around the Club soon! You are always welcome to stop by and enjoy the company of your fellow Ivy members. 

Best regards,
David Babikian, Undergraduate President