Undergraduate President’s Report – Thatcher Foster

Greetings Graduate Members,

My name is Thatcher Foster (to allay your fears, no, I was not named after the Iron Lady to which I share a name). As my fellow members will gladly tell you, I am a “townie.” I have lived in Princeton for most of my life, eaten at Hoagie Haven for as long as I can remember, tried to sneak into Reunions since I was 16, and worn a tiger tail in the P-rade since the age of two. To quote the cliché, “I bleed Princeton black and orange.” 

The Club has had a terrific last year with Jason, Emily, Aaron, Alex, Naomi and Mark and we look forward to building on their success. Ivy’s new officers and I are very excited about our roles at the Ivy Club. This year’s officer corps will offer some exciting new changes to the positions, with Alex Bayman heading Bicker and Eve Levin serving as our new House Manager. Will Pinke, as witty as he is thoughtful, will be our new Social Chair, while Tess O’Meara and Levi Malik will continue to improve the Club’s financial and day-today operations. Anyway, enough about us. 

The Ivy Club recently admitted our new sophomore class. This year, the bicker system underwent significant changes at some of the clubs. However, Ivy abstained and we are thrilled at the diverse, intelligent and overall incredible new members we can now boast of. The strength of Ivy has always been its impressive membership. I can confidently say that the new class will easily continue that tradition. They love the club and are ecstatic to be the newest members of Ivy. 

More on the operational side of things, Ivy maintains a strong academic environment for the membership. There is no moment in the day (or the night) when the palatial Great Hall is void of students. Our leadership program continues to invite impressive professionals to share with us their successes, experiences and to offer advice (Petraeus was too busy to return this year). Roundtable discussions flourish, giving students the opportunity to connect to various members of the academy (including my dad) in a personal and formal setting. 

As I hope you can see, Ivy, as it has in the past and will in the future, thrives as a place of comfort, education and fun. The house itself is in great shape, so please feel free to come back and visit. We love meeting the young and getting younger alumni. And, the desserts get better every year. 

“In Betty, we trust.” 

Thatcher Foster