Undergraduate President’s Report – Nick Martin

My name is Nick Martin. I was elected Undergraduate President at the beginning of the semester, and I could not be more excited to lead the Ivy Club over the next year. I am a junior from New York City in the economics department. On campus, I play rugby, so, if I end up running the club into the ground, you’ll know the concussions have finally caught up with me. 

As the year winds to a close, I continue to lean on Thatcher and the outgoing officer corps for guidance. I am worried to experience life without them around next year, but, fortunately, the Club has elected an amazing group of officers alongside me. On top of being diligent and perceptive, they are all very good friends of mine, and I am thrilled to live with them next year. They are: Andrew Mills (VP), Cliff Bersani (Treasurer), Katherine Kanehann (Bicker Chair), Chris Murphy (Social Chair), and Tobias Citron (House Manager). 

Ivy remains the core of its members’ college experiences. A look around the Clubhouse will reveal members studying in the Griffin Wing and the library, as well as relaxing in the billiards room or in front of the TV. The arrival of warm weather has kept the porch filled with outgoing seniors sunbathing away any lingering memories of their theses. Outside of the brick walls, the Club competes in intramural sporting events with, in some cases, unprecedented participation rates. Recent Leadership Program and Roundtable events have completely filled up, reflecting the members’ eagerness to participate in these enriching programs.

Of course, the beautiful clubhouse would be nothing without the vibrant membership who fills it. In February, the club admitted 69 new members through spring bicker. Individually, they are driven and thoughtful, and, collectively, they contribute the diversity of interests and personalities that defines the Ivy Club.

I encourage you to come back and visit whenever you can. It’s always fun to hear stories about years past, and it’ll give you a chance to relive the glory days. I hope to see you around soon.