Undergraduate President’s Report – Eliza Mott

Dear Ivy Alumni, 

My name is Eliza Mott and I was elected Undergraduate President in February. I have thoroughly enjoyed the job so far, and I think we are going to have a wonderful year at Ivy. I grew up in Grosse Pointe, Michigan, just outside of the great city of Detroit. I am a Junior in the Department of Art and Archaeology, and therefore am one of Ivy’s least hirable members. However, I am happy to have a conversation with any and all of you about Cézanne. On campus, I am also an editorin-chief of the  Nassau Weekly, a tour guide at the Princeton University Art Museum, and one of the leaders of SpeakOut, a student group that works to raise awareness about consent and interpersonal violence. 

The former officer corps—Nick, Andrew, Cliff, Chris, and Tobias—did a tremendous job this past year. They set a great example for me and the other new officers; I can’t imagine Ivy without them. That being said, I feel very lucky that I will be living and working with such a great group of my friends next year. The new Vice President, Jack Hilger, has already proven himself to be a fantastic right hand man. Sterling Sipp is our new Treasurer, and we aren’t broke yet, so she is clearly doing a good job. Our new Bicker Chair, Michael Moorin, will certainly demonstrate his capabilities in the fall for our next round of bicker. Danielle Mills, the social butterfly that she is, is our wonderful new Social Chair, and finally the talented Billy Cohen is our new House Manager. 

Ivy remains a lively place for study, friendship, and fun. The membership is deeply involved in all aspects of club life, and the building is always being put to good use. At any given moment of the day you’ll find members in a heated match of ping-pong or pool, studying by the stained glass window in the Great Hall, or talking over a meal in the dining room. This spring, we have had some incredible Leadership Council speakers and Roundtable guests to rival the University’s guest speakers. \

This past February, we admitted a new section of sophomores. They have a wide range of personalities, talents, and interests, and come from very diverse backgrounds. They are also not by any means shy, and are already integrating incredibly well. This is lucky for us, because their vim and vigor has already contributed greatly to Club culture. 

I hope I have clearly conveyed how precious Ivy is to its current members. You, our graduate members, are equally as valued and we hope that you’ll stop by the house sometime soon to chat. We all love hearing stories from Ivy’s past.

Eliza Mott