Undergraduate President’s Report -Mina Para ’17

Dearest Graduate Members,

Salutations! My name is Mina Para, and I was elected Undergraduate President in February. I have thoroughly enjoyed my new role in the Club thus far, and I am excited for the next year ahead leading the Ivy Club. When I am not keeping busy in the Orange Bubble, I enjoy being outdoors, surfing, and supporting my beloved Liverpool FC.

The outgoing officers: Eliza, Jack, Sterling, Michael, Danielle, and Billy have done an exemplary job over the past year. They are, along with the entire graduating class, a special group of people, whose presence in the club will certainly be missed. However, with the new officer corps coming aboard, which includes Gonzalo Mocorrea (Vice President), Tiggy Valen (Treasurer), Natalia Perina (Bicker Chair), Lauren Berger (Social Chair), and Ray Mennin (House Manager), I am fortunate to be surrounded by a team that I am confident will build upon the successes of last year’s officers, ensuring Ivy remains the same great community it has been for us. 

The Clubhouse itself is a vibrant home for our membership and at the core of our collective experiences at Princeton. Everyday, you can be sure to find students working in the crypt, lounging around a fire in the Griffin Wing, or relaxing downstairs with a game of pool. Our Leadership & Roundtable programs have done a great job in bringing highly esteemed guests to speak at the Club, such as South African President Jacob Zuma and Saudi Arabian Prince Turki bin Faisal Al Saud. 

We also recently admitted a new class of Ivy members. This year, Ivy’s admission process integrated with the multi-club Bicker system, now allowing prospective sophomores to bicker Ivy and another club simultaneously. Joining multi-club Bicker has increased the accessibility of the club, and it has also allowed Ivy to select its membership from a wider pool of prospective sophomores. Ultimately, our Bicker process has brought about a class of sophomore members that we are all excited about. They are as thoughtful, engaging, talented, and unique as ever, contributing to the diversity of interests and personalities that define the Ivy Club. 

I encourage you all to come and visit Ivy to chat, as it is always a great experience reminiscing with you all on Ivy’s history and past. Undeniably, our alumni are as valuable to the Ivy Club as the membership itself. I hope to see you around the Club soon. 

Mina Para